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Welcome to Creative Frugality! Today, Home Economics is not taught as a standard course in high school, so I want to bring it to you. Depending on your age, you might not even know what Home Economics is so here is an actual definition:

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The five areas of Home Economics

I am really excited to share some tips with you about Home Economics in a fun and creative way! The name Creative Frugality…You may wonder what frugal even means – it can bring up different impressions! Frugal is not depriving you or your family of good things but being wise with the resources that we each have; our time, money and energy. Welcome to this place!

Nephrostomy tube friendly clothing …for a toddler!!?!!

Toddlers are very busy people…they are everywhere and they are everywhere all of the time. Well, let me rewind a bit here… My littlest was born with kidney issues and spent time in the NicU (a whole new world I never knew existed full of amazing doctors and nurses!!) and came home with a nephrostomyContinue reading “Nephrostomy tube friendly clothing …for a toddler!!?!!”